English Major Nerdiness Ahead (consider yourself warned).

General Geekiness

Hipster Beauty & the Beast

This kind of sums up my life at the moment (actually, for the year). But let’s substitute “Foucault” for “Kenneth Burke”. Alas, he is an American theorist, not a French dude. Still, love it.

Some days I wonder why I just didn’t read Foucault for my paper. And then other days, my brain thanks me. And thanks me even more for not reading Derrida. Because I am zombified after Derrida. Burke’s pretty straight forward for a theorist. And I like him for that.

More thesis updates: the paper has been titled. My final draft is due Friday. It will be excellent.

Awesome Adorableness

General Geekiness

My birthday was over the weekend.

One of my roommates, knowing of my interest in the RAF and dedication to Roald Dahl, gave me this book:

Yes! It’s a story book for the planned but never made Disney movie Dahl was involved with. The book tells the story of these Gremlins harrassing a squadron of pilots during the Battle of Britain.

These aren’t your Gizmo-type Gremlins. These little guys are tiny, bald green men with bulbous noses. And they wear suction boots so they won’t fly off of airplanes while they take them apart in midair.

Sorry the post isn’t longer! It seems that homework has caught up with me.

On Robin Hood

General Geekiness

Apparently, Robin Hood wasn’t a very nice guy. He was a nasty dude, robbing from EVERYONE.

There goes my childhood. I spent it watching the Disney animated Robin Hood, practically idolizing the fictious(?) hero. I pretty much just wanted to be a badass archer, but I loved the stories, too.

Still, it makes for an intriguing story; this echoes the storyline from one episode of Firefly, “Jaynestown.” The character Jayne screws up a robbery and upon returning to the planet, he’s remembered as a hero of Robin Hood proportions.

So, a writing prompt or two.

1. Write a story about a man/woman who is anything but a hero, but interpretted as such.

2. Write about a person who is robbed by this individual.