English Major Nerdiness Ahead (consider yourself warned).

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This kind of sums up my life at the moment (actually, for the year). But let’s substitute “Foucault” for “Kenneth Burke”. Alas, he is an American theorist, not a French dude. Still, love it.

Some days I wonder why I just didn’t read Foucault for my paper. And then other days, my brain thanks me. And thanks me even more for not reading Derrida. Because I am zombified after Derrida. Burke’s pretty straight forward for a theorist. And I like him for that.

More thesis updates: the paper has been titled. My final draft is due Friday. It will be excellent.

4 thoughts on “English Major Nerdiness Ahead (consider yourself warned).

    1. Welcome to the blog! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      I’m writing about this weird 1960s show called The Prisoner and how the show reworks traditional signs and symbols to create a surreal experience.

      Usually, I write fiction, but I’ve been working on this project for nearly a year.


  1. There was a point in time where I considered myself a huge “fan” of both Foucault and Sartre. Now? I can’t for the life of me remember why I held them in such high regard, not with any sort of depth anyway.


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