One year ago today…

General Geekiness

It’s hard to believe that She Thinks Too much is a year old! Who ever thought that a little project for a class would continue and flourish a year later?

This little blog has undergone a lot of changes. From its earliest, insecure incarnation as a place for random postings, reviews and musings, it’s since mutated into a writing/travel blog since I’ve gone on the road. Gone is the intention of posting weekly comics (who knows, those might actual make appearances, if I ever draw them).

I hope I’ve created something intelligent and above all, entertaining. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and shared my blog. Without you readers, this blog wouldn’t be the same.

Here’s to another year!

Awesome Adorableness

General Geekiness

My birthday was over the weekend.

One of my roommates, knowing of my interest in the RAF and dedication to Roald Dahl, gave me this book:

Yes! It’s a story book for the planned but never made Disney movie Dahl was involved with. The book tells the story of these Gremlins harrassing a squadron of pilots during the Battle of Britain.

These aren’t your Gizmo-type Gremlins. These little guys are tiny, bald green men with bulbous noses. And they wear suction boots so they won’t fly off of airplanes while they take them apart in midair.

Sorry the post isn’t longer! It seems that homework has caught up with me.