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My birthday was over the weekend.

One of my roommates, knowing of my interest in the RAF and dedication to Roald Dahl, gave me this book:

Yes! It’s a story book for the planned but never made Disney movie Dahl was involved with. The book tells the story of these Gremlins harrassing a squadron of pilots during the Battle of Britain.

These aren’t your Gizmo-type Gremlins. These little guys are tiny, bald green men with bulbous noses. And they wear suction boots so they won’t fly off of airplanes while they take them apart in midair.

Sorry the post isn’t longer! It seems that homework has caught up with me.

5 thoughts on “Awesome Adorableness

  1. I know that Warner Brothers did one with Bugs on an American airbase but never heard of a Disney version. Of course Gremlins were blamed for all kinds of foul ups in aircraft during the war.


  2. “Russian Rhapsody/Gremlins from the Kremlin” and “Bugs Bunny and the Gremlin/Falling Hare” were both made by Warner Bros around the same time as when Disney was producing “The Gremlins.” Disney squashed the feature-length and there wasn’t enough interest in a short. Not sure why, but one of the reasons probably was too many war movies!


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