John Williams is the man.

General Geekiness

Yesterday, I traveled to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

One of my friends and I are big Star Wars fans, and even more enthusiastic John Williams fans. What better than to go to Star Wars: In Concert?

John Williams’ music for the Star Wars trilogies is consistently fantastic. Even in the prequels, the music is spectacular. The concert highlighted it, along with exhibiting props from the various movies (and part of Williams’ score). I totally geeked out seeing Han Solo frozen in carbonite and one of the Darth Vader costumes.

I love orchestras. They have such a grandeur and texture that five piece rock bands lack. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra performed yesterday. I kept having to remind myself that the music was live.

And so I leave you with an amazing a cappella homage to both Star Wars and John Williams.

6 thoughts on “John Williams is the man.

  1. Indeed he is. I can’t think of a movie he has worked on that has not become a classic by the music alone.

    Star Wars
    Indiana Jones
    Jurassic Park
    Harry Potter

    You hear the tune, whatever it is, and you know. You just know….



  2. I agree. Orchestral music is waaay better than any band you can name. I like Williams too and that includes his non movie works. Having said that, many movie scores owe their sound to the classical composers of the past. Oh, it may be just a stanza or two, or a well thought signature, but stealing from long dead composers isn’t a crime.


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