Sunshine and Happiness

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

A snippet of a conversation between Holmes and I:

Me (holding a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo): “I can’t wait to finish my paper so I can move on to sunshine and happiness!”


Me: “Sunshine and happiness there being epic, depressing French novels.”

Whenever I finish reading one of Victor Hugo’s books, I feel a big gaping hole in my chest. Since I don’t think my school’s library has anything more of his, I’ve moved onto Dumas. I have yet to start, but I am so looking forward to reading The Count of Monte Cristo.  And get through reading it without slipping up and saying “Monte Crisco.”

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Happiness

  1. If you don’t love it I’ll never speak to you again. And I feel like Hugo would take offense too…or be really pleased.


    1. Apparently Hugo and Dumas did meet at one point…I don’t know what the result of said meeting was.

      The world did not implode from the powers of their combined awesomeness, however.


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