I’m not a twit.

General Geekiness

But I’m on Twitter now. If you want to follow me, my handle is “shecontemplates”. Why not “shethinkstoomuch”? Because it is one letter too long.

Not sure how much I’ll be using it (I needed a handle for my internship). I’m rather unfamiliar with using Twitter. It seems simple enough.

Those of you who use Twitter, what do you use it for?

6 thoughts on “I’m not a twit.

  1. What do I use Twitter for? Rambling, providing links and mocking. Really, that’s pretty much my tweetstream in a nutshell – though I do like the conversations more than I imagined I would.


  2. I mostly use it for communicating with my graduated friends. They carry on as they did when they were around, and it is amusing.

    Occasionally pithy remarks about movies or coding or technology will spontaneously appear.


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