Still breathing!

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

I’m alive. Sorry I haven’t posted anything this entire month. I really have no excuse, apart from work and internships taking up a lot of time (but in the best way possible). Alas, my various fiction endeavors have taken a back seat to researching for my thesis (which is partially due in December, entirely due the end of April). Needless to say, I am thoroughly enjoying my supplemental research. I’ve nearly completed all of the hour-long episodes of Danger Man (sorry, Holmes).

I am, however, still working on my one short story a month goal, which is going pretty well. I haven’t finished July’s story yet, but it’s been started. I’m experimenting a bit. The entire story is told through dialogue. There aren’t any dialogue tags; there are no descriptions, no thoughts. It’s fun to write. I’ve found that its a good way to test individual voices, to ensure that the characters sound different.

Shameless plug to my other blog: Sheer Art Attack which I’ve been far better at updating.

Recycling: Not just good for the environment

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

In my attempts to jump start short story writing after a long drought, I find myself going back to stories I’ve written before. Not just for inspiration, but for structure. In one case, I rewrote the story with different characters, setting and outcome, but kept the structure (and some key points) the same.

I wonder if this is a “bad thing.” It got me thinking about plotting short stories again. Heck, it got me to write the first draft of a story. But by taking the plot of a story and throwing in new characters, is this self plagerism?