Recycling: Not just good for the environment

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

In my attempts to jump start short story writing after a long drought, I find myself going back to stories I’ve written before. Not just for inspiration, but for structure. In one case, I rewrote the story with different characters, setting and outcome, but kept the structure (and some key points) the same.

I wonder if this is a “bad thing.” It got me thinking about plotting short stories again. Heck, it got me to write the first draft of a story. But by taking the plot of a story and throwing in new characters, is this self plagerism?

2 thoughts on “Recycling: Not just good for the environment

  1. Nice header. I just think “wow, that’s interesting, newer hear such opinion before”, but read about recycling of stories.

    You use a lot of paper, don’t you?


  2. Thanks! I thought it was one of my catchier titles, too. 🙂

    I go through my fair share of paper, but I’m rather neurotic about making sure that I use an entire sheet of paper.


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