General Geekiness

I sometimes think of years in terms of calendars, of the pictures and themes that each holds. As a child, these calendars would fall into themes of endless similarity. For years, I had American Girl calendars, and I really can’t distinguish most of my elementary school years. The puppies and wolves of middle school gave way to more variety come high school (most memorable being Disney characters and Pirates of the Caribbean).

In 2008, my calendar was Edward Hopper paintings, full of pale light, fanciful images and good times with friends.

2009 was the year of Marvel Superheroes.  When things got stressful, I’d look to my calendar for moments of crystal clear right-and-wrong, primary colors and childlike wonder.

For the upcoming year, my calendar is The Beatles, with simply black and white photography and minimalist design. There are moments of tranquility among madness captured in black and white photos, and I know I will find these moments in my day to day life, no matter how hectic and stressful life becomes.

A happy, safe and prosperous New Year to you all!

More Goals for 2010

General Geekiness

First off, remember that it’s “2010” not “20010.” I’m pretty sure that the latter will be recorded at some point in my journal.

On a more serious note, I have a few plans for this humble blog, too.

1. Post more often

Over the summer, I got into a groove. Two+ posts a week of decent to quite good quality. Once school started up again, the post frequency diminished. I hope to bring some sort of posting schedule. Looking at my schedule for next semester, I’ll probably post at least once a week on Wednesdays. This will start the end of January, and I’ll continue on my sporadic posting schedule until then.

2. Increase post quality

I’m a bit of a fly-by-the-seat of my pants person when it comes to blog posts. Some entries are well thought out, well planned and the product of a couple of days work. Other posts…well, they’re written at 2 am and I’m lucky if I proofread. Proofing will be the first step towards this goal! I’m also thinking of putting together a series, of what, I’m not sure, but a common thread should help unify my posts.

3. Include more pictures!

My posts are usually boring. No pictures. Lots of text. But starting next year, I hope to include images with my posts. Most will (hopefully) be taken by yours truly. I’m going to be traveling and should take some spectacular shots.

4. Include a list of books I finish in the What’s On the Bookshelf? page

I tried this and kept forgetting to update. Starting January 1, you’ll see a list of what I’ve read for the year, broken down by month. This probably will include texts I’m reading for school, but I do find these mentally stimulating. My bio text this last semester was particularly interesting (The Coming Plague by Laurie Garrett).

Oh, what a year!

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

This month for the AW Blog Chain, we’re taking stock of our accomplishments over the year. This has me shivering in my very boots.

I started out the year with bold ideas and plans. I thought that I would complete another novel first draft this year. Maybe two–an alt reality sci-fi story and my currently-stashed-away RAF tale (research is daunting, and alas, so is course work). I also thought that I would write more short stories this year. I think the count is three. I’m disappointed, but I can amend this next year.

I did get some things done.

I created this blog. Originally a course requirement from the Spring 2009 semester, I had fun and continue blogging. I don’t post as frequently or with the same consistent quality as I would like, but things to work on.

I wrote. Every day, at least a page. Over the summer, I required two handwritten pages. Now that school is winding down, I’ll be back up to my preferred level. I hope to carry this into the next year. Mostly I write fiction, but sometimes my mind moves to the real world or philosophical discussions.

I indulged my geekier side. Following the suggestion of one of my professors, I picked up Dune. That set the pace for (some of) my summer reading, which also included the first Riverworld book and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? For television viewing, I started Star Trek, and watched the entirety of The Prisoner (which I’ve determined needs multiple viewings and I’m only too happy to comply with).

And my, how the year flew by. 2010 looks like a promising one, filled with action and adventure (cue Danger Man theme).

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