SPX or Bust

Boston Comics Roundtable, Comics, conventions

Sometimes, in pursuit of our goals, we can fall into fabulous mishaps.

Take, for example, my goal to get 12 comics related rejections this year. When I saw that the Small Press Expo (SPX) was open for the lottery, I figured I’d throw my hat into the ring. An easy rejection and one that I didn’t need to think about too much.

Until I got a half-table in the lottery.

So, here we are. It’ll be my fourth ever con, my first really big one, and my first all-weekend long tabling experience. I’m starting to rethink if I’ll want to table at MICE in October.

I didn’t want much time to think about it and chicken out. On Sunday, I paid for my half-table. Yesterday, I booked my hotel room. Today, I put in for time off at work. I’m doing it. I’m going.

SPX is in six months. I’m incredibly excited, nervous, and trying to keep the imposter syndrome at bay.

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