Looking back on January and February


The first two months of 2018 are in the books.

January started off with a bang. I was laid up for a week and a half following a ruptured ovarian cyst at the start of the year. I was surprisingly productive. I completed a 16-page comic about my ordeal, called “My Ovaries Hate Me (And I Hate Them Too),” which will be premiering at the Somerville Public Library Con in May.

February continued the creative kick. I participated in the 2018 Ghost City Comics Festival, drawing and inking a five page comic in a weekend. My teammates were Paul Axel and Chas! Pangburn. We didn’t place, but it was a fantastic time full of drawing and learning loads.

In addition, I pitched to two anthologies in January, and received acceptances to both. I have a script and thumbnail deadline of March 15 for one. I finished the script and thumbs today (March 4), so I’ve moved on to pencilling.

I also got two rejections – the Ghost City Comics Festival, and a bid to table at CAKE. I have ten left to get before I hit my goal for the year!

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