Looking ahead to 2013…

American Adventures

I celebrated the end of 2012 and 2013’s beginning in my beloved Edinburgh with some of my closest friends. While a stack of dishes awaits me, I’m taking a moment to look at what lies ahead.

I’m making another international move and returning to the States. I wasn’t able to find a job that would sponsor me for a visa, so I’ve decided to return to the States when my student visa expires. I don’t know where life is going to take me, but with hope my roads will lead me back to Edinburgh. I’ve had an amazing, painful, life-changing time in the UK, and while I wish I could stay, it’s time for me to return to my native land.

I hope to return to Boston, where I lived as an undergraduate. I haven’t enjoyed all that Boston has to offer, and will get involved with the swing dancing community there.

In March we’ll be releasing the first issue of Far Off Places, the online literary magazine I started with three friends while living in Edinburgh. The beauty of it being online and organised through Google docs means that we can continue to work on the magazine while on separate continents.

I hope to take up blues dancing while living in Boston. I’ve heard that it’s the place to learn traditional blues in the US, and I’ve found that there’s nothing like dancing to keep me in a good mood. Blues complements lindy hop excellently, especially as some of the events I’ve attended have had blues after parties.

I will explore. I want to see more of the US (Seattle, New Orleans and San Francisco). I want to read. I want to learn.

Here’s to 2013, may it be a good year. It will be a difficult year, as I continue to navigate adulthood and try to settle in one location yet again. But it will, undoubtably, be a good’un, filled with friends both that I know and have yet to meet, pratfalls and maybe a few scavenger hunts through Boston.

4 thoughts on “Looking ahead to 2013…

  1. I’m sad to hear you couldn’t find a job, but I was wondering after your comment on my 2013 post. But think of your return as an adventure and you’ll have the best year ever!


    1. Exactly! And I am planning adventures back to the UK to see my friends. I was thinking of making my return more of an adventure and moving to the West Coast, but after consideration, decided that familiar territory would probably be best for now.
      It was a difficult decision to make. I’m going to continue to apply for jobs in the UK until I get something Stateside.
      You’ll have to let me know about literary events going on in Boston!
      I do wonder how much things have changed since I was last in the States…


      1. Not looking forward to the readjusting, took me ages for the time back from Italy. Fortunately, I’ve got friends in the Boston area, and have met so many people from around the world, I know I’ll always have a couch to stay on, from India, to Slovakia, to the UK.


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