When a writer isn’t writing, what is she?

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

I’ve been in Scotland for just over a month now. I’m writing every day, but not fiction. It’s a strange thing, to not be grappling over characters, writing to record what is going on in my life, more out of habit than anything else. There’s little delight in twisting words across the page, coming up with delicate phrasing and subtle descriptions.

But I’m not writing fiction. I feel as though something is missing. I return from my day, and I can’t do anything more than work and sleep. It isn’t writer’s block, as I don’t believe in it, but…I’m not sure how to respond. Something’s missing, and yet, I’m whole.

14 thoughts on “When a writer isn’t writing, what is she?

  1. Hello,

    I read this post. If a writer is writing anything. Writing in a daily journal, writing down facts and feelings about your day. Writing on a blog… It’s still makes you a writer…


    1. Aw, thanks, Raven (and thank you for stopping by).

      It is a bit melodramatic of me to say that I’m not writing, I’m just not writing fiction.


  2. Hi Beth
    I’d blame Scotland…if a writer’s writing isn’t read can she/he be really called a writer?….I hope that when I’m dead/of me it will be said/his sins were scarlet but his books were read…Anyway I liked what you wrote, even if (or perhaps because) ‘something is missing’.


  3. Hi Beth
    Actually you ARE writing fiction because a vital part of that process is sucking up new experiences, mulling it over, distilling it, forming it into future stories and characters. If you want to write, you’ve first got to live. That’s what you’re doing now. Enjoy! And hey, we’re on the same continent!!
    All the best


      1. Join up at foursquare.com and share your exciting locations. I’ll share it when I go to the exciting supermarket and the thrilling train station.


  4. While all writers are who they are because stories lie at the core of who they are, they are MORE than just writers. Besides, sometimes you have to let the muse crawl back from where ever she has taken shelter.


    1. I’m waiting my muse’s return with open arms. I think the muse’s on vacation. 🙂

      I need to remind myself that I am more than just a writer, and that the experiences I have will help form my writing. 🙂


  5. “I’ve been in Scotland for just over a month now’… oh how I envy you!! I’ve always wanted to visit that beautiful part of the world.

    I wrote a ‘novel’ that I’ve abandoned since I started blogging and one of my lead characters is Scottish so I did a ton of research about that country and really fell in love with it.


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