Dancing like a classy, talented person

Edinburgh Expeditions

When I moved here, I decided to take up a new hobby. Something fun, to keep me active, and take my mind off of my studies. I don’t want to get overwhelmed and go mad.

So, in thinking of ways  to get involved, I went to what I enjoyed before hand. Film clubs, theatre groups, even art club. But something stuck at the back of my head. I don’t know how to dance. Oh, I’ve done several types of dance as a kid and teenager, but I don’t really know how to dance.

So I’ve taken up the lindy hop. Why lindy hop? It’s fun. It’s cheap. It’s a social dance. I don’t have to be all serious like in tango, and if I mess up on the steps, I can easily fix my mistake.

That, and the social aspect of the club is really, really awesome. If I want, I can go dancing three times a week. Which, time permitting, I’ll go at least twice.


One of these days, I’ll be this good! But probably not for a couple of years.

7 thoughts on “Dancing like a classy, talented person

  1. That is awesome… it’s so much fun and a great way to exercise… I dragged my hubby to ballroom dancing before our wedding, then stopped… been meaning to go back though.


  2. Wow! That was great! I want to do that. So energetic and stylish! Thanks for that. I love reading blog posts that have insights like that. Reminds me of what a brillaint, diverse and fun place the world is. Good fortune with your dancing. Post the video of you & a partner doing it when you feel like it!


  3. Sorry was so breathless from watching video clip I left typo in last comment. ‘brilliant’ not ‘brillaint’. (Could I say ‘Brill-is’ not ‘brill ain’t’?).


  4. I’ve taken ballroom dancing lessons. I got pretty good with the foxtrot, but once the classes ended, I haven’t tried them again. (Secret: it was actually research for my novel.)


    1. The fun thing about being a writer is we can try things like the foxtrot all in the name of research. 🙂
      I’ve thought of trying true ballroom, but its too much of a time commitment at my uni. And we have to compete…not something I particularly enjoy doing.


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