30 Days of Writing: Day 18

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

Favorite antagonist and why!

Gaius from The Continet! He’s the main character Liv’s younger brother. The two are on completely opposite ends of the political spectrum–Liv is anti-Continent, Gaius pro. They operated on different sides when the treaty was signed, and ten years after the face, still continue to.

Gaius isn’t necessarily a bad guy. We see him primarily from Liv’s point of view, and Liv sees his brother as a traitor not only to his country but to his family. Of course, Gaius sees Liv as a fool…

I like Gaius as an antagonist because he isn’t a cackling madman. He is, in the eyes of most of the populace, a hero, a good man, just as many see Liv as a trouble maker. I’m trying to blur the line between protagonist and antagonist a bit, but Gaius is definitely the primary force against Liv.

Given the number of posts I’ve written regarding The Continent, I should really just buckle down and write that story.

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