30 Days of Writing: Day 17

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

Favorite protagonist and why!

I hate picking favorites. I really do, particularly when it comes to characters. But I think I’ll go with McGoohan.

I created him as a whim, as the story I was working on (a communal story) needed another character (and I was getting a little antsy having only one character in the throng). He ended up being an incredibly strong, layered character. I thoroughly enjoy writing him. He starts the novel as this built up, near mythological figure. By the end, we see him as a flawed, human character.

Of all of my characters, he’s the most realized. He has an excellent backstory, consistent characterization–even his evolution from mythological figure to real person are logical. He’s a hero, but really doesn’t want to be. His greatest dream is to be with his family. Simplicity is what he wants from life, but life has a habit of making things more complex.

I just really like writing him.

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