Pick me up and take me away…

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

I started work on a new short story. It’s…different from what I usually write. For one, I don’t know how its going to end (usually when I write, I have an idea of where its going to end up). I started with an image that popped into my mind, and from there let the twists and turns develop. But now, about twelve pages in, I finally have a view of what the main character’s goal might be. But it could change.

As always, I’m concerned about my influences being a mite too obvious. This piece is feeling a bit Prisoner-esque, hopefully minus the epic mental trip of the finale (and I don’t mean imply that this little story is even close to the same level as The Prisoner). Oh well.

I enjoy writing this story. The main character strikes me as a bit of an idiot, but his antagonists(?) are wonderfully enigmatic. I like peeling away the layers of the characters and discovering the world. I doubt it will be a very polished piece, but I feel like there’s potential in it.

And it takes place in Italy. Finally. I’ve been here two months–you would think that by now I would have set all of my short stories here!

4 thoughts on “Pick me up and take me away…

  1. The main character strikes you as a bit of an idiot 🙂 I can sympathize there.

    All of my main characters are complete idiots and I can never get them to stop talking. They’ll be talking about donuts and goldfish while they’re hiding out from the bad guys. Crazy characters.


  2. Oh, one of those characters; the poor sheep characters who just do whatever you tell them. What fun are they? The best part of the story is losing control of it!


    1. I think the antagonists may help me lose control of it, but for the time being, MC John is just sort of blindly going “Wow this place is AWESOME.” Which it may or may not be.


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