A (minor) Reason for Pride

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

Back in December, I posted a list of my writing goals for 2010. First on the list was “Write one(+) short story a month”. Well, it’s a quarter of the way through the year, and I’ve managed that.
Its a minor victory, given that it accounts for only four short stories (okay, one isn’t completed yet, but it will be done today). The stories are all in first draft form, but given some polishing, and two have the potential to be quite good, one good, and one is a joke so I’m not too concerned with how that turns out. With my luck, the joke one will be the best of them all.
As for the goal of writing another novel, two of my short stories are pieces that form part of my mired-in-research RAF short story/novel, tentatively titled “Burning Blue.” So I’m off to a start of sorts, but working at a snail’s pace just the same. I’ve been mapping out a few ideas for a light fantasy piece, which could possibly become a novella. For that one, I have characters I enjoy writing, a couple of settings…as always, lacking a plot.
There are still nine months left in the year; hopefully I’ll have at least nine more short stories, and (with hope) a first draft of a novella.
As for reading more…that will happen this summer! But I’m nearly finished with The Prince by Machiavelli, which I decided to read for fun.

2 thoughts on “A (minor) Reason for Pride

    1. I have about 60 pages left! It isn’t really sticking with me either, but I don’t think I’m giving it the attention it needs. I’ll probably reread it at some point.


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