Thank you, RAF and Leslie Howard.

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

As of late, my WIP has had a bit of an identity crisis. Should I be spec fic? Should I be historical fiction? Should I be flat out space opera sci fi?

I think I’ve finally figured it out.

Historical. Historical historical historical.

What is this madness?

Well, as I’ve previously said, I’ve been researching WWII/The Resistance for said WIP, as some historical inspiration. Turns out WWII is even more fascinating once you get down into the more obscure aspects of it (okay, maybe not obscure, but definitely not what I learned in high school). There’s so much potential for my characters, and the betrayals will be much more “oh crap.”

I might keep something of a fantastical element, as my main character Liv is now an RAF pilot…gremlins galore. Or at least mentions of them.

Leslie Howard gets the nod because the circumstances surrounding his death are fascinating, and, perhaps, a subplot/novel in its own right.

3 thoughts on “Thank you, RAF and Leslie Howard.

  1. Yay! Good going making the change. Mine just got a historical tinge to it, too. It niggled and squiggled and wriggled its way in, so I’m letting it.

    Good luck to both of us 🙂


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