Changing for the sake of simplicity…or greater insanity?

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I’ve been thinking lately about my current WIP, The Continent. My current reading list includes several books on espionage during WWII, and The Resistance for means of inspiration and ideas.

I’m beginning to wonder if my story would be better suited taking place during WWII. Logistically it makes a little more sense, but at the same time it would require dramatic reimagining of different characters, their relationships, etc.

I still want to keep the vaguely sci-fi, alternate universe vibe it has. But how to do it without being ridiculous? And how to write it without TC becoming just another war book?

I’m sure I’ll figure it out in time, with more thought.

4 thoughts on “Changing for the sake of simplicity…or greater insanity?

  1. Interesting! Can you share more?

    Don’t worry about being “just another WWII book”–no matter what you write, you’ll be writing it to be original.

    Btw, have you read Donald Maass’s Fire in Fiction book? I just finished it; uber useful. He mentions historical fiction briefly, too. Worth checking out of the library or buying or huddling over in a bookstore 🙂

    If you can share any details about your setting/timing quandary, I’ll be waiting with bated breath. And if you can’t, I understand.

    Good luck!!! 🙂


  2. I made it about three-quarters of the way through my first-person narrator work in progress when I finally realized that I need to tell the story with a third-person narrator. Now I need to finish writing it in first person, then start the big rewrite in third person. It’s going to be a big job, but it will be a better novel.

    I think if you can’t get the idea of your changes out of your head, then they are good changes and, despite the work, you should go with them.


  3. Thank you for the advice!
    Fortunately, I’m still in the planning phase, so the research is just one more step. I’ll have to go more in depth than I was planning, but who knows? I could strike a goldmine of ideas and plot points.


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