On writer’s block

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

O fiend, o devil, o cursed beastie!

Writer’s block was the bane of my existence, until I learned how to engage the wild beast. Not tame it, as it still gets the better of me, but I find that I can best it often enough.

What do I do to stave it off? Well, when the beast attacks, I try talking to it. I just put pen to paper and write. Sometimes it isn’t fiction or a part of my story. Sometimes I just write words on paper, in order to trick the little devil.

Other times I just yell, listen to music, read a book, watch TV or have a cup of tea. Miraculously, the nasty little beastie goes away. Behold the power of a good cup of tea.

There’s a very physical side to writing that I find needs to be dealt with. If you find you can’t write on your computer, back away from the keyboard and pull out a pen and paper. Writing is more akin to art this way (in the visual sense), and using the different muscles just feels better.

What do you, dear readers, do to destroy Writer’s Block?

Together we can vanquish this beast.

One thought on “On writer’s block

  1. My problem has always been procrastination more than writer’s block. I may not know how to proceed with a story, but by the time I get off my lazy butt and start writing, I’ve figured out a solution.

    I think that writing with a word processor offers a solution to the age-old problem of writer’s block. Word processing means that I don’t have to write linearly. I’m working on a big project now, and I’m currently working on at least three different chapters more or less simultaneously. If I have a problem with one chapter, I can just work on another for a while.

    And even if I were working on a short story and suffered writer’s block, I could spend time revising what I’ve already written until my muse returns.

    Interesting blog here. Keep it up!


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