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Vampires have intrigued me since I was in third grade. One of my favorite books at that age was the Great Illustrated Classics edition of Dracula. I remember reading that over and over again, especially during a visit to my grandparents on Nantucket. I can’t say that I’ve finished the actual version of the book, but Dracula holds a spot near and dear to my heart.

But more on vampires and less on my emotional attachments to a book I haven’t finished.

Vampire myths are some of my favorite things because they are so strange and varied. Disease, desire, death. If you watch the History Channel as often as I do, you’re bound to have come across some of the interesting hour long specials about vampires in history (Countess Bathory, Vlad the Impaler, the New England vampires). The methods for killing them are so different. Shoving a brick down their throats. Decapitation. Stabbing them with a stake. Sunlight (damn you Twilight with your sparkly, fangless non fiends).

My favorite portrayel of vampires in pop culture is probably in the show Supernatural. The vampires there look like normal folks, they drink, etc, and even if they don’t drink human blood, its for blending in and survival, not because they have a moral code. Oh, and their fangs descend from their gums. How awesome is that?

So, dear readers, any favorite vampire myths?

5 thoughts on “On vampires

  1. hey im new and theres no particalar myth but yeah i so love vampires ever since “Blade” and “Buffy the Vampire slayer”


  2. There are several good portrayals of vampires in popular culture, but there are myriads of bad ones as well.

    I agree with Neil Gaiman: “You shouldn’t be glutted with vampires: they should be a spice, not a food group.”


  3. I don’t really need to have a favorite vampire myth–guess I’m sort of living one. But Dracula’s definitely a classic, accurate or not. (go with not). 😀


  4. damn you Twilight indeed! I love Anne Rice’s the vampire chronicles. I haven’t read all the books yet. But I intend to (but then again, I left all my books in the Philippines.) My fave book is the Queen of the Damned and if I ever have a child and its a she I’ll name her Maharet.



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