On Webcomics

General Geekiness

I love webcomics. I like looking at other people’s artwork and reading stories that they’ve come up with. There’s a certain thrill that comes when realizing that, yes, today is Wednesday and that means there’s a new xkcd (and also LOST, but not this week alas).

There’s something special about webcomics. They don’t exist in the tangible realm, and yet they are so vibrant. Growing up, I didn’t have access to comic books. Batman wasn’t a part of my Saturday morning cartoons. I discovered comics in high school, devouring old school Marvel, the Alan Moore DC comics, Sandman, and so forth.

Then I figured out that there were people writing these for the web, and that was was the end.

Some of the first comics I discovered were xkcd and Fey Winds. They still endure as ones I go back to again and again.

But my favorite is probably Skin Deep. It’s got everything I could want–fantasy, adventure, mythological beings. I’ve been reading it almost since the day it debuted.

And the newest one I’ve found? Dead Heaven. This one is only in the prologue, but I really like the art.