What’s on the Turntable? Vol. II

What's On the Turntable?

The other day I went on a trip to my local record shops, which was a welcome journey. While there, I picked up a new CD! Hurray! I’ve been dying for new music.
The CD I got is Burn the Maps by The Frames. It’s a strange, unpredictable little album by the Irish rockers. The album opens with “Happy,” a mostly instrumental tune with the vocals mixed to the background. Burn the Maps definitely takes at least two listens to get used to, but I’ve noticed that a lot of really good albums do (Tommy, Arthur, etc).

“Fake” is a poppy little number, perhaps disposable but its the most readily accessible to the usual pop fan.

There’s plenty to like about the album–soaring violins, Glen Hansard’s rough vocals, and the ability of the album to transport you to a completely different place.

The album is not one that I would recommend starting out with if you’ve never listened to The Frames before. Try Set List first.

A good, live version of their song “Keepsake.”