You mean unicorns don’t exist?

General Geekiness

As of late, I’ve really been enjoying this TV show called Supernatural. It’s on the CW, but I’m not watching the current season.

A bunch of friends and I are slowly making our way through the show’s second season on DVD. I have to say, I really prefer watching shows on DVD to television. You don’t have to worry about commercials or when it starts. And, the best part is if you want to watch another episode, you can. Case in point, I got through 24‘s season four in under a week (and I got my homework done).

Back to Supernatural. Last night I watched the episode “Houses of the Holy” (yes, like the Led Zeppelin song and album). It involves these layabouts being visited by what they perceive to be an angel and go around killing people who commit horrible crimes–murder, child abuse and so forth–because the angel told them to.

The episode is really interesting because it delves into the main characters’ belief systems. Sam desperately wants to believe in a higher power in order to make sense of his life as a Hunter of supernatural beings. His brother Dean says he can’t believe in something that he hasn’t seen, despite having seen things that most people would never dream of.

I enjoy the inner turmoil that these characters face. It makes for good television.