Hollywood, oh Hollywood

General Geekiness

Good luck trying to use discount cards or free movie passes on this summer’s hottest blockbusters.

Hollywood execs have denied theatres the ability to let patrons use these, saying its better for business.

These passes can be used after 10 days.

That means I’ll be seeing Star Trek on May 18. Hell, I didn’t see Dark Knight until nearly three weeks after it had been released, so I’m not concerned.

On new books and saving money

What's On the Bookshelf?

Today I made the trip to my local library to go to the book sale. I like to go a couple of times a year to get inexpensive used books and support the library (my numerous fines and late fees notwithstanding).

I bought The Shining, On Writing and Captains Courageous for $1.50, total.

I’ll be set for about a week.