The Revenge of Heroes Named Jack: Attacking the Writer!

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

Sigh. Just a little while ago I posted my epic list of Heroes Named Jack. It seems that I’ve slipped into that realm; worse, my Jack is sizing up the MC and is attempting to pounce.

He’s convinced that he’s the MC; I’ve had this problem before, and I usually give in. Not this time. Of course, everyone is the main character in their own life stories, so he’s right in one aspect. Its just not his story.

So, Jack’s name obviously has to go. I expect to change character names at least once for most characters (but my female MC’s name fits her quite well). I like Harry for him, but there’s that boy wizard. Edward is also a possibility, but there’s that Book That Shall Not Be Named. Naming characters is tough, especially when trying to use commonplace names! Some other character pops into my mind. There’s also Alasdair as an option, which could work as I plan on referring to him by his last name. But its too la-di-da for him.

Maybe I’ll be lucky and like Geoffrey, he’ll name himself.