Nothing like a beautiful day…

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

Spent the afternoon outside today, reveling in the glory that is la primavera. Italy has finally decided that it is spring, and the weather is warm, the sun shining, and the sky sans clouds.

Days like today make me glad, happy, content to be alive. That, and it fires up the creative juices. I’d like nothing more than to sit and draw or write. So, I drew some this afternoon, after returning home from a long (painful) walk. New shoes kill the feet.

Having to draw for art is getting my mind thinking about my WIP. My MC, John, is an artist (no doubt because of ALL the art I’ve seen and drawn). He looks at things and wonders how he’ll capture their essence. He’s different from my other characters (and such a sheep…). I think I’ve determined that I like him, but wish that he would be a bit stronger. I guess that may be what this story is about, in the end–John discovering his strength and learning to question things.

I think I like this story. I just hope that it finishes itself up this month. I’m getting too many introduction scenes–I think I’ve had John introduce himself three separate times. Not having an end in sight is a touch disheartening, but I suppose I just need to enjoy the ride.