On Coraline

General Geekiness

It’s definitely cute. It’s definitely creepy.

All said, I’m not sure what I think about Coraline. I definitely enjoyed it, but at the same time, was really creeped out.

I didn’t read Neil Gaiman’s book prior to seeing it (I know, bad bookworm), but I had an idea that it would be strange.

The movie kept me entertained the entire time; I never felt bored or antsy. Coraline felt like a real kid. She wasn’t perfect, like some kids’ movie heroes; in fact, I found her bratty and annoying. But that isn’t a bad thing. Her dreams were vivid and felt like real dreams.

I thought that the artwork was spectacular. I wish that I had seen Coraline in 3D. It really would have come to life then!

The worst part of the movie was the annoying little ghost kids. Their voices were bland and poorly acted. They might be dead, but Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride certainly showed that the dead can be lively.

All in all, its a cute movie. Kids over the age of 12 (or younger ones who can easily distinguish reality from movies) should enjoy it. Parents will like it too.