Inktober 2016, Day 1

Illustration, inktober


First day of Inktober! And so I begin with a very low quality sketch. Seriously, not even close to my best. But I need to get back into the inking swing of things, which is why I’m doing this challenge. I’m aiming to launch a web comic, cowritten by my friend Annie, by the end of the year. So, that means lots of practice inking.

Prompt for the day was “fast,” and this was an appropriately quick sketch, probably about 15 minutes total.

I genuinely prefer drawing by hand to drawing on a tablet. I can do it (and do it decently enough), but there’s something wonderful about putting pen to paper. Usually I draw first with a mechanical pencil, and then ink by hand using a dip pen and various nubs. I’ve done two short comics this way (Aquila and Of Living Waters), but I’m trying something a bit different. I’ve gone back to my roots by using micron pens, and let’s see how things improve by the end of the month.