Report from Somerville Public Library Comix Con


First con of the year is in the books.

I tabled at the inaugural Somerville Public Library Comix Con on Saturday, May 5. It was con number 2 for me, and while not immensely successful monetarily, I did okay.

Loosely related to tabling, I was seated in the general health section, next to books about sex, body farms, and influenza.

Things learned:

  • All-ages comics sell best at library cons. I sold three copies of Kitchen Witches, and had a couple of instances where kids sat down and read the full thing, then headed off. I don’t love when this happens (if their parent is present or they are clearly a teenager), but it’s such a great feeling when they’re young.
  • Bright and colorful draws the eye! I will likely make new covers for Kitchen Witches and Immature Language using brighter paper and do a test run. The covers will likely be hand-lettered, and I’ll have to experiment. Maybe add some washi tape to the sides. I don’t want to scrap the rest of this printing.
  • Make. Better. Signage.
  • Improve display and presentation. I’m inviting! My little corner, not so much.

My next con is Saturday, June 2! I will be in Portland, ME for the Maine Comics Arts Festival (MeCAF). I should have “My ovaries hate me (and I hate them, too)” printed. Find me in the fiction section!

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