When you can’t find a gig shirt you like, design your own.

General Geekiness

(C) Bethany Wolfe 2012

When I was at the two Morrissey gigs last weekend, I saw plenty of Smiths and Morrissey shirts. I felt a bit out of place, wearing a teal shirt in Manchester and a black and white one in Edinburgh. A Morrissey gig is the one place that if you aren’t wearing a shirt or badge you are ‘that guy (or girl).’

In Manchester, I had my sketchbook, and spent the time before the gig drawing pictures. One t shirt I saw and liked was just his silhouette, filled with song lyrics. I liked the silhouette. Amy has a cool shirt with the gladioli (a favourite prop of Smiths-era Morrissey) and I thought I’d combine the two.

This is just the first draft, I’m hoping to smooth out his profile and fix the quiff a bit.

I really want to get this screen printed. I’ll have to play around with the placement. I’m thinking having it really large on a v-neck shirt.


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