Dancing in the Streets

Edinburgh Expeditions

It’s the Edinburgh Jazz Festival for the next couple of weeks. I’m not the most knowledgeable about jazz, but if its got a rhythm I can dance too, I will be out and dancing. Which, of course, is the mentality of the local lindy hoppers. A group of us congregated in Grassmarket for the Edinburgh Jazz Festival’s Mardi Gras. Tons of bands, local and international, played at raised bandstands or in the streets. I caught three acts–TJ Muller and the Dixie Six, Criterion Brass Band and The Stooges.

Of course, there was dancing. There was laughter.

TJ Mueller and two of the the Six

TJ Mueller and two of the the Six

There was TJ Muller and the Dixie Six in the audience, playing “When the Saints Go Marching In” in the audience.
TJ Muller and the Dixie Six is my favourite local band. The swing dancers do a lot with them–they’ve played one of our events, and we go to their gigs. They’re a really fun band to watch/listen/dance to. So high energy! By the end of the afternoon, I was knackered.

Criterion Brass Band

Criterion Brass Band

A Brass Band played.



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