Doubleplusgood INGSOC posters.

Sheer Art Attack

I posted some Nineteen Eighty-Four posters on my process blog and decided I had to share them here as well.

I’m really pleased with them, and cannot wait to print them out. The War is Peace one is my favourite.

Comment, critique! Just please DO NOT use these. They are for my dissertation!

War is Peace

(C) Bethany Wolfe 2012

Big Brother is Watching You

(C) Bethany Wolfe 2012

Ignorance is Strength

(C) Bethany Wolfe 2012

Freedom is Slavery

(C) Bethany Wolfe 2012

10 thoughts on “Doubleplusgood INGSOC posters.

    1. Thanks!
      It’s a great book–I reread it about a month ago, and realized that it would play a key role in my MSc dissertation. I’m making a movie adaptation of it!


    1. My project is on the construction of narrative in surveillance (with propaganda as a secondary area of study). I’m making a short film based on 1984 as part of it.


  1. These posters are fantastic! I’ve seen many Ingsoc posters in my time (since before the 1970s) and I have to say yours really capture the Administrationalistic Bureaucratic Wartime Hysteria flavour of the book. The others are more melodramatic than yours. Yours certainly wouldn’t be out of place, say, in Second World War Britain. Well done, well done. Be sure to release them one way or another after your dissertation.


    1. Thanks very much for your kind words!
      I really enjoy WWII propaganda posters, designing these was a joy.
      I would love to print and sell them when this project is complete. I suppose I will have to contact the Estate of George Orwell (if there is such a thing) for licensing, etc.


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