Sponataneous Edinburgh Art

Edinburgh Expeditions

Whilst walking to the Central Library today, I spotted this mural…who is it of? Where did it come from?


Who is this kid?

I’ve also spotted a number of quotes around the city, all from the Scottish Play…

Double Double Toil and Trouble

In front of St Giles Cathedral

When shall we three meet again?

In St Andrew Square

The quotes are for an exhibit called “Beyond Macbeth” that’s at the National Library. I guess I know where I’m headed to this week!

8 thoughts on “Sponataneous Edinburgh Art

      1. Oh I believe you! I’ve never been to Scotland, but it’s been a dream of mine. I even included Edinburgh in my still-to-be-finished novel as my male protagonist is Scottish, natch 😀


      2. Edinburgh’s definitely the place! 😀
        Scotland’s gorgeous. When you get the opportunity to travel here, do (and the haggis isn’t that bad…the ale is much better though).


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