Edina! Scotia’s Darling Seat!

Edinburgh Expeditions

Edinburgh is a beautiful, vibrant city. There’s such variety in the landscape and architecture. With regards to landscape, we’ve hills and valleys, parks and inactive volcanoes and buildings. For architecture, the modern Informatics building at the University coexists with the older, Georgian buildings, and buildings older than that.

But enough for words. I’ll let Edinburgh speak for itself.

Flowers and Couple

Flowers and Couple, (C) BCW 2012


Greyfriar's (C) BCW 2012

Sunset over the Divinity School

Sunset over the Divinity School (C) BCW 2012

3 thoughts on “Edina! Scotia’s Darling Seat!

    1. Going back to the States for Christmas was tough–I missed Edinburgh before I even left.

      Missing a place means only one thing–you’ll need to return. 🙂


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