A Windy Day at Rosslyn Chapel

Edinburgh Expeditions

Yesterday, a few friends and I ventured through the wind and rain to visit Rosslyn Chapel. After missing the bus (and noting that the 15A wouldn’t drop us off at the Chapel), we were off to a late start. Killing time with a cappuccino, we caught the later bus and were off, an hour after we had meant to.

But that was okay. We drove about a half hour outside of Edinburgh to Roslin, and a quick walk up to the chapel’s visitor center. Then through the sliding glass doors to see the chapel itself.

No internal photography is permitted, but we took full advantage of there still being daylight to shoot the exterior. There’s some lovely stonework, which I find beautiful, even in its decay.

Stonework, Rosslyn Chapel

(C) Beth 2012

I loved wandering around the building, looking at the statues of saints and angels. Living in Italy, if only for four months, instilled a fascination with these images. At Rosslyn, my favourites were on a memorial stone.

Love Conquers Death

(C) Beth 2012

I think I photographed all of the angels on this stone…there were so many! This one was my favourite photograph, though.


(C) Beth 2012

The interior of Rosslyn was stunning. Not being allowed to take photographs, I sketched instead (but none of my sketches were quite up to par, so sadly I shan’t share).

The carvings were beautiful. I can’t even begin to describe them without falling into cliche. A place that must be seen by one’s own eyes!


5 thoughts on “A Windy Day at Rosslyn Chapel

    1. Two, in fact! There used to be one on the grounds back in Robert Burns’s day. As the docent said, “He spent a lot of time in the Chapel…and even more in the pub.”


  1. I spent some time in Scotland in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and I have never been there. I think your photographs capture the sombre and somewhat mystical atmosphere that the history of the place suggests. If I’m ever back in Scotland I’ll take a trip there; seems to be a quite an extraordinary place. Thanks for sharing that & your thought provoking photographs; gave me a Wordsworth moment!


    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed my photographs! Rosslyn Chapel is well worth the visit. I hope to go back in the spring or summer and go for a walk by the river.


  2. Reminds me of Notre Dame. As beautiful as it is, the carvings in and around the main doors caught my attention in the way nothing else had before or since. Great shots.

    Thank you.


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