Thanksgiving Abroad

Edinburgh Expeditions

As I snoozed my alarm for the third time this morning, two thoughts came to mind. The first, that I hadn’t rendered my animation to a high enough quality, proved false as I sat in the computer lab at 8.45 this morning, watching it on three different machines.

The second was that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It’s snuck up on me, worse than Halloween and my birthday. Thing is, I know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I really do. I’m going to a couple of Thanksgiving dinners over the course of the weekend. But it doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving.

It could be that I’m living in Edinburgh. I hang out with a few Americans, but the full work week (and major submission due Friday) kind of remove the Thanksgiving feeling. Knowing that I won’t be entering a food coma tomorrow is a bit strange.

Seeing my across-the-pond friends and family post messages about their Thanksgiving plans on Facebook is really what reminds me that, yes, tomorrow is the day of turkey-eating. Friends who have moved to Colorado and beyond mention that its strange not to be with family for Thanksgiving. Neighbours express their happiness of seeing their children again. And here am I, who otherwise would have forgotten.

No American football. No left-over turkey sandwiches. No pumpkin pie for breakfast the following morning. But I’ll be here with friends, my Uni family, celebrating. And for that, I’m thankful.

A far too early almost-Thanksgiving dinner.

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Abroad

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! If you stay long enough – try cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner over there – its a pain, but brilliant. You find all sorts of substitute dishes because you can’t find one ingredient.


    1. Thank you! The dishes will be interesting.
      Next year, if I’m still here I’ll cook an entire dinner. Though I think my graduation will coincide with Thanksgiving…


  2. There’s a great title for a new story you’re about to write; ‘Homesick’. I remember being at college only 50 miles from home and feeling like I might actually die of homesickness. I wrote a bit about it in ‘Ghost Road’ but I might do something more on it;it can be so overpowering. Annoying too as I always claim not to give a f*** about nationality etc

    Anyway, happy Thanksgiving Beth. Hope it feels a bit better knowing that at least you are amongst friends.


    1. Thanks Jon!

      Thing is, I’m not feeling homesick in the least. Far too busy for that, and a good friend of mine from undergrad is here as well.

      Perhaps I have a touch of it, just for today, when I’m craving those leftover turkey sandwiches.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Also, they tend to save the turkey on that side of the pond for Xmas Eve, along with the Dr. Who Holiday special and the message from the Queen. Just so you know. 🙂


    1. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

      I’ll be back in the States for Christmas…will have to watch the Dr Who special to make sure I don’t get homesick for Scotland!


  4. Don’t feel too bad. For Thanksgiving, my wife and two of our children (out of the four, plus spouses) went to Chinese buffet and had a fine time. They served turkey on the buffet, but it was dreadful, so General Tsao’s chicken was my fowl of choice.


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