A Minor Interruption

Edinburgh Expeditions

Ladies and gentlemen, please pardon the minor interruption to She Thinks Too Much. I’m running away to join the Circus  the new Number Two flying off to Scotland to study for my master’s degree.

Don’t panic, and do not adjust the dial on your television set. You haven’t entered the Twilight Zone.

I’ll be posting regularly. I’m just going to need a couple of days to settle into my new home and new city.

I’m really excited to be journeying to Scotland. It will be a completely different experience from when I studied abroad in Florence. For one, I will be receiving a degree at the end of it! For another, I’ll be there for a year. And for a third, I don’t think that I’ll be doing as much weekend traveling. I hope to get down to London at least once each semester, but trips probably will not be all that frequent. I fully think that my programme will keep me very, very busy.

Sunny Scotland

(C) Beth 2010

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