Book Challenge: Bricks, Melville, Shamelessness

What's On the Bookshelf?

Day 16: Longest book you’ve read

I’m actually not sure what the longest book I’ve read is. Its either one of the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time books (I’ve only read the first three or four) or Victor Hugo’s epic Les Miserables.

I read an unabridged translation of Les Miserables back in December/January. It took me six days (that’s a LOT of reading). I started a reread (different unabridged translation) back in May. I’m still reading it on and off, but as you can see, I’ve read a lot this year.

Let me just say, this book weighs a ton. When I bought my paperback copy, the cashier asked if I wanted a truck to bring it home in. I replied that mortar would be all I needed–I was going to use it as the cornerstone to my house.
Day 17: Shortest book you’ve read

A children’s book, probably. I’m sure I read some 24 pagers in my childhood, but I can’t recall any of them. So, shortest adult book that I’ve read? Herman Melville’s Billy Budd. I hated every minute of it, and was extremely happy it was only 90 pages long.
Day 18: Book you’re most embarrassed to say you like

I have no shame whatsoever in books I read. Roald Dahl’s children’s books? Love them. Harry Potter? My generation, baby. Tolkien? Lewis? Lloyd Alexander? No shame.

I take great pride in making the librarians look shiftily at the books I check out. The more atypical, the better. Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Les Miserables, Band of Brothers? I relish in the shocked expressions. Clearly I look like the sort of girl who would be reading scores of chick lit and other, more typical young woman sorts.

2 thoughts on “Book Challenge: Bricks, Melville, Shamelessness

  1. Personally, I would be ashamed of someone who is ashamed to read Tolkien, Lewis, Rowling, Alexander.

    Books I am ashamed to say I’ve read? Twilight. All four. At times I’m not ashamed, simply because at least I can say I took the time to read them before arguing that they’re dumb, but still there are other times when I’m ashamed that I wasted time because part of me really thought, they can’t be that bad, can they? They were. :-/


    1. I know! I know too many people who loathe them, though (okay, one or two is too many).

      I read the first Twilight book, because I wanted to know what the hype was. I will admit to speed-reading it and wanting to know what happened next, but never went beyond. I have tried to read more chick-lit books, too, but end up frustrated.


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