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Well, I have a bit on my plate this weekend, reading wise. My current goal is to finish reading Seven Pillars of Wisdom before August 16. Why August 16? It would make sense if that were the book’s due date back at the library (it isn’t, I think its actually due on the 15th, but I have one more renewal). It’s Lawrence’s birthday. And given how close the day is, and how much I have left of the book, I’ll probably finish it either just before or on the day. I’m thoroughly enjoying the book, though I do find parts a bit dry and somehow managed to miss the entirety of the capturing of Akaba. I know I read the words, I think it just failed to process. Rather like how I managed to miss Helm’s Deep every time I read The Two Towers.

That, or I just was preoccupied by how a traditional Beduin feast is prepared. A sheep pyramid on a bed of rice drenched in hot gravy. Fascinating stuff.
Also up for reading:
The Complaints by Ian Rankin. Never read any of his books, figured I probably should, as I’ve wanted to for a couple of years now. And if I should randomly run into him on the street, I might have something intelligent to say.
And a biography of Gertrude Bell, because I’m not ready to leave the Arabia state of mind. And what little I’ve read about Bell is absolutely fascinating, so I want to read more about her.
Also on the entertainment list: the original Planet of the Apes and Bridge on the River Kwai must be watched. Interestingly, both based on books by Pierre Boulle…
And writing, naturally.

7 thoughts on “Weekend’s Reading

  1. Wasn’t the screenplay for the original Planet of the Apes movie written by Rod Serling?

    This weekend I am reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which I, coincidentally, must finish by the 16th as well since our book group discusses it on the 17th. It’s a novella, and I can probably finish it before then easily, which will allow me to jump into The Green Knight by Iris Murdoch, her second-to-last novel. I’ve been reading her novels in sequence over the years, and I’m going to face a void when I reach the end (so I’ll probably re-read many of them). I have plenty of books on my to-be-read shelf, and there are the novels of writer/blogger friends I intend to read. And my book group meets once a month (next up, Invisible Man by Wells), so there’s always that given novel.

    It’s all fuel for the mental furnace.


    1. I should reread Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Stevenson is one of my favorite writers. Argh, I should read Master of Ballantrae–I believe I’ll have read all of his Scotland based novels once I finish that one.
      It sounds like your book club has some good choices!
      Iris Murdoch is perpetually on my to-read list. What do you recommend I start with?

      And yep, Serling wrote the screenplay, Boulle the novel. I’ve heard that the novel ends quite differently.


  2. Some great stuff on your list there. Haven’t read or seen any of them except the Apes but I hear Bridge Over the River Kwai is an absolutely superb film and Ian Rankin is an excellent writer. Btw, why you not on Goodreads.com? Or are you?


    1. I had meant to read the first of the Rebus books last summer, but ended up having quite a bit on my plate.

      I’m not sure why I’m not on Goodreads. I’ll have to check it out.


  3. Regarding Paul’s comment on Iris Murdoch, I’m just about to start reading her first novel, “Under the Net”. I previously read, “The Nice and the Good”, which was terrific.

    Beth, enjoy Planet of the Apes. It’s a really good flick.


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