Harry Potter and the Disappointing End

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Here there be spoilers.

I wanted so badly to love Deathly Hallows, Part II. I really did. My friends all proclaimed their love for the movie, have seen it multiple times, and assured me that I, too, would love the movie.

I didn’t.

Yes, there were portions of the film that I really enjoyed–the Pensieve sequence being one, Helena Bonham Carter as Hermione Polyjuiced to be Bellatrix, and the visual effects (the dragon in Bellatrix’s Gringott’s vault, Voldemort turning to ash) but I felt the film was lacking.

Firstly, there was no true beginning. It just sort of started. I recognize that it was the second part of a book. But the structure was missing. As such, I felt it was very anti-climatic.

Within its structural issues, I felt that there was little sense of character. The Golden Trio, Neville, Snape, yes, but everyone else felt like cameos and nothing more than that. I was waiting for Trewlaney’s moment of awesome, when she chucks crystal balls at Death Eaters. Nonexistant. Fred’s death failed to have any emotional impact on me. Hagrid was…weak. Boring. He didn’t seem phased with Harry’s “death.”

Secondly, its too damn long. I love battle scenes as much as the next girl, but seriously. These are too long. I don’t want to watch a two hour battle scene. Its part of the reason why I don’t like The Two Towers all that much. Honestly, though, not enough happens to make it a compelling battle scene. There is no story to it, only fighting. The quest for the final horcruxes feels almost secondary, it detracts from the fighting, which has taken precedence.

Finally, it was unnecessary. I can hear people screaming, “what? why? we need to know how it ends!” Well, as a film, it was unnecessary. Deathly Hallows Part I could have been forty-five minutes longer, cut down on the ‘and we’re walking’ portions of the movie, and the final battle could easily have been included. Edited, of course. I gladly would have sat through a three hour Deathly Hallows, so long as it was well paced and engaging. The thing that hurts the most is that it could have been a fabulous single movie, the pieces are all there, but two mediocre halves do not a good movie make.

8 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Disappointing End

  1. I’m partially but not wholly with you on this one. I didn’t really like any of the other HP films I’ve seen (OK so I’ve only seen 3 but even so…). I didn’t really like this one either but I disliked it less than the others. You’re completely right about the structure and the anti-climactic feeling about the movie. I didn’t find the battle sequences as bad as many I’ve seen (I HATE HATE HATE battle sequences! They’ve become the new chase sequence; they’re a lazy way to inject so called excitement; they’re cliched and boring). But generally I find the whole HP thing annoying and childish (I hear many voices saying ‘hey it is actually a kids’ film!’). Those stupid character/place names and crap stage school acting. The best thing about the films were that they were not so unrelentingly American as most (nothing against America I just like a change now and then). But, to be honest, I’m glad to see the back of them.

    BTW, have you seen ‘Super 8’ yet and are you going to see ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’?


    1. I’m actually not much a fan of the films anyways–I read the books voraciously when I was growing up, and have a certain nostalgic fondness for them. When it comes to the movies, I’ve always been a bit wary.
      I like chase sequences, so long as they’re entertaining (like the chase in Bullitt). The same goes with battle sequences.

      No offense taken! (I speak for America now).

      I haven’t seen Super 8 yet–I’ve wanted to, but I don’t think its playing at the cinema near me any more. Hopefully I’ll see it when it comes out on DVD!
      As for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I’ve never seen the original movie. I’m sure I’ll see it on DVD.

      I actually don’t go to the movies all that frequently. Next one I’m planning on seeing is ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ this September.


      1. Re Planet of the Apes; the original 1968 version is a classic; well worth a look. The following 4 sequels are not bad but gradually reduce in quality (the storyline is circular so the last one is supposed to lead you back to the start of the first one). The modern reboot was utter garbage; don’t bother. The upcoming James Franco film has so far had good reviews so… who knows?

        Didn’t know about TinkerTailor but should be good!


  2. I tend to quote the first one (I can’t recall what the line is, only that a friend pointed it out, humorously neither of us has seen the original). I do want to see it–if I can track down a copy of it, I’ll watch!

    And if I like it, I’ll be sure to check out the new one as well. 🙂

    Yes, the trailer looks really good. I’ve heard that if TinkerTailor does well, they plan on filming the rest of the Quest for Karla trilogy.


  3. The most often quoted lines are “Take your hands off me you damn dirty apes!” (it’s the 1st time the apes hear a human speak) or “Damn you all to hell!” which comes near the end so I won’t give away the twist.

    Are you registered at VeeHD.com? There’s a copy of the 1968 one there to download free. I watch quite a lot of movies there; my ID is jonkenna if you want to see my playlist.


    1. “Damn you all to Hell,” that’s the one. Usually yelled in frustration at art projects. 🙂

      I’ve requested it from my library, so I’ll have a DVD copy soon. 🙂


  4. I liked the movie, the only thing that really disappointed me was the scene at King’s Crossing, now sense of redemption or shift in the Harry/Dumbledore relationship. A missed opportunity there.

    As for breaking the movie in two parts, considering how much got left out in the last past, I think this was the way to go. That and the final confrontation between between Voldermort and Harry felt anti-climatic in the books and they gave it its due in the movie.


    1. I enjoyed the movie while I watched it, and I’ll probably end up watching it again back to back with HP7 part 1. It was just after, when I started thinking about the movie, that I realized how disappointed I was.

      I was frustrated that the movie cut out Teddy Lupin, particularly because in Part 1, we did get Harry confronting Lupin about running away from Tonks, then the kid is practically forgotten in the second half. Its a good parallel to Harry’s story, I don’t know why they left it out.

      I was thrilled that they included Molly’s “Not my daughter you bitch.” That has to be one of my favorite lines in the series.


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