Feeling a bit Hitchcockian.

General Geekiness

So, seeing the Vertigo new theme made me think, hmm…I think I shall change my theme. So I did.

There are a couple of things I’m not too fond of–namely, the fact that all of my links (to about, movie/book lists, etc) are at the bottom now rather than the top. But I’m working with it.

I’ll probably end up at one of my previous themes sometime soon. But til then, I’ll just enjoy the Vertigo inspired stuff. Just got a book from my library about the making of Vertigo, so it’s rather timely.

2 thoughts on “Feeling a bit Hitchcockian.

  1. Yeah I noticed that theme too. I like it actually. I was thinking about using it myself but I like to include pictures/photos with most of my entries & I’m not sure it’s a theme which showcases them that well. Looks good here tho.


    1. Thanks! It’s a fun theme.
      I’ll have to see how it works with photos–I should include more of them, but…I tend to forget.


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