The Magic of Google Docs

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

There’s something great about using Google Docs to write, both fiction and term papers.

The fact that it displays how much time its been since the page has been edited.  How helpful! I’m easily distracted at times, and being able to see just how long its been since I worked on a project is magnificent.

“Oh dear, it’s been fifteen minutes since I edited the document!” I exclaimed. “I suppose I better get back to work!”

I don’t like seeing the ‘last saved’ numbers get beyond three or four minutes. That’s time wasted, time I should be writing, producing, creating.

It’s very good for keeping me on task. I’ll have to try writing more using this.

4 thoughts on “The Magic of Google Docs

  1. Whenever there’s a literary magazine event, the English majors send out a million emails to fill in a chart for poster placement. I’m attempting to figure out a tactful means of teaching them about Google Docs.


    1. Print out a picture of me.
      Say: “This is an English major. She uses this fantastic piece of technology. It is called ‘Google docs.’ If she can use it, so can you.” XD

      Or something slightly less facetious.


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