Thesis Update: Midpoint Revelations on The Prisoner

Thesis Updates

One week ago tomorrow, I turned in the half completed portion of my thesis (which will probably end up meaning its but a third completed, as I have a lot I still wish to discuss).

A huge relief in passing the thing in. I’ll have roughly a month before jumping back in, but during that month I’ll be rewatching The Prisoner, either for fun or actually picking out arguments for the thesis, along with writing up an appendix with brief descriptions of each episode. Why? Well, its a cult show. I think probably about 7 people on my entire campus have seen it start to finish, and that’s a liberal guess. Unfortunately, if I say I’m writing about The Prisoner, if someone’s heard of it, they assume its the remake. No no no.

I’ve learned three things while writing this first half (all of which can be named with the letter “P”):


I’m not generally a fly by the seat of my pants person when it comes to writing papers. I need to gather data, make outlines (of a sort) and need an idea before I can really start working.


Ah, the essay known as “The Essay of a Thousand Directions.” Each time I met with my supervisor, I had a different topic in mind. “I’ll do a character study of Number 6 using Cambell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces! Oh, I’ll look at the stifling of individuality in The Village! The presentation of The Village as a prison! Ooh! Ooh! New shiny topic! So many topics my supervisor suggested I just write my doctoral dissertation on this…(not going for my doctorate at this time…)

Well, while reading sources and brainstorming, I persisted in my quest to come up with an original topic. Though not my entire paper, I’m looking into the perversion of childhood signs in the show.

For next semester, I’m keeping on target, working hard and finishing this paper up.


Roughly seven months into this project, and I still enjoy working on it. I still love The Prisoner. I’m happily devoted to this project. It interests me and continues to hold my interest. That, and I care deeply about writing it well.

My friends see this project as bordering on obsessive. So what if it is? It’s fun.


Here’s to the upcoming semester. May it be fruitful! And may Christmas break be restful. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thesis Update: Midpoint Revelations on The Prisoner

  1. Hi! Glad to hear your thesis is going well. I admire the way you are sticking with it even when people accuse you of being obsessive! It’s amazing how people do academic work based on literature, films, music etc and no-one bats an eyelid but if your chosen piece happens to be a TV series you get sneered at. I suppose its because many TV shows just aren’t good enough to sustain something as in depth as an academic thesis. This doesn’t apply to The Prisoner (the original of course). There’s so many themes and discussion points thrown up by each episode that it could keep you going for years.

    When I was watching something about Ray Bradbury on YouTube recently he said something along the lines of; what you do should be something you love and what you love should be something you do. I’ve spent too much of my life doing stuff that I feel I ought to do or stuff that will please other people. It hasn’t made me happy (it hasn’t even made the people I was trying to please happy!). I’m glad you’re not falling into that trap.

    Good luck with the thesis and if you need any help just drop me a line. There’s a Canadian show on YouTube which shows P.McGoohan discussing the themes of the show and answering questions from the audience; might be helpful if you’ve not already seen it. One other small matter; have a great Christmas!!


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