Potential Favorite Author Meeting Level: High

General Geekiness

So, I checked my email today at my internship to discover a wonderful message from my mom.

It was short, simple, little more than a copy-and-paste from a website.

This is generally what it said:

Subject: Alexander McCall Smith

October 25, 2010

6:00 pm, Boston Public Library (lecture),
700 Boylston Street, Copley Square, Boston, MA.

Being at work, my response was to simply grin widely. At school or at home, it would be more vocal, along the lines of “HURRAY!”

Alexander McCall Smith is my favorite living author. His stories make me so happy. I could be miserable, but to read a few pages of 44 Scotland Street and I’m instantly in a better mood.

I’m really, really excited. I’ve already marked it on my calendar. I’ve got my entire afternoon free. I’ll be camping out. Most camp out to meet rock stars. I camp out to meet my favorite writer.

4 thoughts on “Potential Favorite Author Meeting Level: High

    1. Thanks! I’m definitely going to the lecture. I think it’s part of the Boston Book Festival, so my weekend/Monday will be dedicated to that. XD


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