Safe and sound at home again.

Florentine Scribblings

Well, I’m home. Back in the States. I have been since Saturday.

It’s odd, being home after such a long time away. Everything is so familiar, yet alien. On Monday, I trekked into Boston for the morning. Even though I know different parts of the city quite well, as I took the T and wandered through Coolidge Corner, I felt as though I was looking at a new world. It excited me, made me anxious to explore what I took for granted. I’m looking forward to doing the silly touristy things again (Duck Tours, Boston Tea Party museum, etc) with new eyes.

Is this what its like coming home after such a long time away? Where things are familiar, but forever just beyond your grasp?

I haven’t made a venture into a big box store yet. That will be interesting.

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