Mi piaccino gli apertivi.

Florentine Scribblings

So my Italian grammar may be incorrect. I’ll correct it once my Italian improves a bit–it has been over six months since I’ve spoken it with any frequency before arriving.

After a day of travel, I arrived in Florence, cold, exhausted and excited. I did the math and realized that I had been awake for over 24 hours–I think the final count was 28. All I could think was, “Now I know how Jack Bauer feels at the end of the day.”

Italy has a spectacular custom called “aperitivo” or “apertifs.” Now, what are apertivi? You know how when you go to a bar, get something to drink and decide that you’re hungry too? Now you have to buy food. Not so with apertivi. Food is provided with the cost of your drink–as much food as you want to eat. These aren’t your typical bar peanuts. These are full out meals. The bar I visited (a mostly Florentine establishment) had home-made Chinese style food. It was delicious, not your usual New Year’s Eve stuff. This has to be the greatest thing ever.

We asked our Italian hostess if we could eat the food. She looked at us, very confused.  Through a pidgin Italian-English-hand signals language, we managed to ask her if we needed to pay for the food. She said no, and we told her that in the States we need to pay for the food as well!

My classes start on Monday, but tonight I have a cooking class. I’m really looking forward to it, as I can’t cook well!

I’ll have something more writing related up soon, probably a word portrait of the city.

2 thoughts on “Mi piaccino gli apertivi.

  1. How was cooking class? Grandma is excited about the food and bar life. Can you try each bar prior to her arrival so she goes to the best? Do not tell your mom I suggested that ?


  2. Hey, I like this blog stuff. Being old it’s way beyond my generation but will try to keep up with your doings this way.

    Glad you got there safe and sound, Beth. It is so exciting you are getting to do this.

    Maybe we can all go out and sample this aperitif with free food thing when we get there. Your job is to check out the various places and decide which ones are the very best.

    Yeah! Cooking classes. I assume northern italian since you are in northern Italy. You can teach me. I think your folks and I are planning to take one class when we arrive.

    We are getting MORE snow. I know what we are getting is inconsequenial to a northern girl like you but it’s becoming tiresome. I think I’ll go out and see if I can see any crocus’ trying to push though.

    I hope your first day of class went well and was fun.

    Tell me about your roomates etc.

    Love, Grandma


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