Where am I? In the Village…

General Geekiness

Recently, my friend C and I discovered the brilliance that is Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner. The TV show has been on my radar for roughly three years now (mentioned in an article about Lost and in the comic The Runaways). It was always something that I knew of, but never watched.

That changed just before Thanksgiving.

C heard me say I wanted to watch it, and low and behold, found it streaming on the AMC website.

Over the past week, we’ve managed to watch 14 episodes. I’m now completely hooked, and saddened that the end is near (only two episodes left). The world of The Village entrances me. I need to know what new diabolical plan the Number Two of the week will come up with (the characters are known primarily by numbers–our hero is Number Six).

The Prisoner is a quirky, surreal, sci-fi spy series. Number Six was a government agent prior to his resignation–and finds himself in a mysterious location known only as The Village. This seemingly serene locale provides only frustration to Number Six, who longs only to return to London and get on with his life.

I heartily recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

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